Books Are Ever Burning Lamps of Accumulated Wisdom. Carlyle

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I promise you that:

Your personal wisdom will increase—guaranteed.

You will never make some old mistakes again.

You will learn a lot of what you don’t know now.

You will spread your wisdom to others.

      I will not give or sell you or your friend’s email addresses to anyone.

This Most Value-Driven Website has not as yet been published,

but You Can Be The First to Read it.

What’s it about? There are FOUR Main Features.

1. Smashing Stories

By: Kenneth Shelby Armstrong  M.A..,Th.D., Ed.D.

       Adventurer    Prolific Writer    Cutting Edge Thinker

                About General Eisenhower to Bill Gates to Burl Ives.

    About A not-forgotten mother and father.

    About a friend who died too early, and much more. . . . . .Read his blog,,,,,HERE

  1. 2.Magnificent Meditations

    By: Thomas Elliott Barnard  M.A., Ed.D.

              Higher Education Administrator    Seasoned writer

                From a prominent author who has been collecting them

                for nearly two decades. Hundreds of fans are addicted.

                The most highly productive individuals set aside a few moments

                each day to meditate. These will help you start the habit. . Read his blog,,,,,HERE

  1. 3.Thundering Thoughts

            By: James David Hamilton  Ed.D.

        Prominent Speaker    Feted writer    Nationally recognized

       Take time to think. You deserve it. If you don’t put something

       into your head each day, you will scarcely be able to get much

       out of it…when you need it most. Think about it.  . . Read his blog,,,.............,,HERE

  1. 4.Potent Poetry   

                By: Contributing poets.

                Poetry brings beauty into the reader’s life. We have found 45

       poets who are willing to contribute some of their poetry to

       this space every week. Don’t rob yourself of this opportunity.

                There is new poetry every week. Practical.  Read this blog .......................HERE

This Most-Value-Driven-Website has not as yet

been published, but you can be the first to read it.

A. . .Dr. Armstrong’s Stories-- “He was cheated--Unfairly”

      . . .Dr. Barnhart’s Meditations-- “Running my own show”

       H. . .Dr. Hamilton’s Thoughts-- “We forget time”

                S. . . Selected Poems-- “Why do I have to leave?”


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