Today’s Poetry

Contributions by Editors and Guests


One evening, I sat in my chair and looked out at the Magnificent trees mirrored on the water below. Beyond, the blue sky spanned the plains, reaching for the mountains so far away. I thought, how beautiful the world and the moment to enjoy it. In the deep silence it occurred to me:

That in a few days, a few months, perhaps a few years, I will no longer exist to enjoy such beauty. With only a touch of sadness, I breathed this poem.

Why do I have to leave? ....... Only now have I discovered. The proud beauty of a tree

        The waltz of heron over water

        The grace of a reed in the wind

Why do I have to leave?……….. I've only begun to know That wisdom, like a seed grows

        That truth is power enough
That wealth is a smile on your face

Why do I have to leave? ………..The worst is now behind me The fickleness of desire The transience of fame The foolishness of treasure

Why do I have to leave? ............ Ah, it now occurs to me
That HERE is not heaven. NOW is not eternity.

The mirror is dark for only a moment, and then

My gain will be greater than my loss. My limitations will no longer bind my soul.

Yes, now it occurs to me,
My soul is ready to soar.

                         Kenneth Shelby Armstrong, M.A,. Th.D., Ed.D.