Today’s Story



I sat at the luncheon table with a friend who was the president and CEO of a fairly large corporation. I was there at his invitation, but I knew it was not for the excellent food, but for some unspoken agenda that he held. He grabbed the conversation away from me and said:

“Doctor, I’ve been cheated. Maybe it was the college I attended or maybe I just cheated myself. Either way, I’ve been cheated. Nearly every day I face challenges or problems for which I have no answer or for some that I can’t even understand.

“I have finally come to the conclusion that I have deep holes in my education and I can’t continue to go on this ill prepared. Sooner or later these gaps in my education will catch up with me. I have been aware of this problem for about a year, but it seems to get worse the farther I go. I’m a mess both professionally and personally. I need help.

“And I have finally come to the conclusion that if I get out of this problem it will have to be with someone else’s help. Would you consider taking me on as a project? I need your help. My idea is this. I will find some conference facility where we can go for two or three days every month or so and where you can teach me at least some of the things that I need to know to survive.”

It was a deal. We talked philosophy and psychology—sociology and human relations—science and religion—literature and the arts—politics and prophecy.

Then one evening just before quitting time, a breakthrough came and words came tumbling out of his mouth. Something had just happened to him and we talked late into the night about this new discovery. For him it was life shattering. We were on the edge of a new beginning. I slept better that night, but he didn’t. Early the next morning my phone rang. It was his wife.

“What in the world happened last night? When he came home I could see that he was different. We talked all night about some new discoveries that he had. We never went to sleep, and he is up already this morning going to his office with an enthusiasm that I have not seen in him for several years.”

Later one of his vice-presidents told me that he was a new executive and the whole company was catching what ever the president had caught.

Over the years, I have heard these words repeated many times. The problems don’t just exist in our college and universities. They exist in our culture which is constantly changing and it continues to neglect our children, youth, and even many of our mature adults. Something must be done about this condition—but WHAT? There is no magic potion.

Recently an idea has emerged. Why not create a website where new and fresh ideas can be offered—not just to executives, but to every day people like, managers, businessmen of small companies, teachers, preachers, nonprofit employees, and housewives left behind?

This website will be  sent to anyone who wants to GROW, DEVELOP, ADVANCE.

It will be free to any serious adult, wherever. You may not have to be cheated anymore.

This is MY invitation to you to sample what I have spent a lifetime developing for any hungry reader.

Kenneth Shelby Armstrong, Th.D., Ed.D.