Suggestions for the Nouveau Blogger


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1. First download the Kindle App to your own computer. You might want to use your kindle reader or your own iPad.  (Either will lead you to all kindle books)

2. Search for all books that have Blogging or Blog in the title.

3. Review all of the books: Look for numbers of previous purchasers for each book. Don’t pay more than $3.95 if you buy. Before you buy you can review at no cost a portion (about the first 10% of the book)  Review the reviewers.

4. Start reading the most-purchased books. Take notes of their recommendations, etc.

5. Start your own kindle library.

6. Focus on finding books that cover writing for blogs and later—marketing etc for blogs.

7. Don’t spend a lot of time on how to create blogs—most of this is sales oriented.

8. When you start writing your first blogs, make them short. As you master the craft, increase the size.

9. If you see in the books a particular book or blogger recommended—find them and develop your own appraisal.

10. Read, read, read.

WARNING: Failure to follow the above 10 commandments, will lead you to perdition or worse.

Signed/ Not Moses