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Your time is an investment in your personal development.

A School for Newbie Writers

A Refresher for Oldie Writers

Who Are We?

We are experienced and life-long educators.Former college presidents, administrators,deans, and professors. And, more recentlyWe have engaged in business.

What Do We Do?

We have developed a series of practical

and useable lessons for new and old

writers. There is nothing like it in

either educational institutions or

business ventures.

Why Do We Do It?

We are obligated to do it. We have

enjoyed such wonderful experiences

that we feel we must pass them on to

those who have not been as fortunate.

How Do We Serve?

Recognizing that most individuals are

busy, we have created courses for those

who who can find just TWO HOURS

PER week for study time. It can be done If the student can find only TWO HOURS in each week.

Where Are We?

We, of course, are on the internet available to anyone who has access to a computer. Any public library can offer use of their computers. They will even help you get set up for your lessons.

When Is It Offered?

Every Friday you will receive an email

with the current lesson attached. You can follow the instructions at your own

convenience. This gives you the rest

of the week for study and application.

1.  A Program Designed to Save Your TIME.

Each week you have 100 hours that you can mostly control.

Would you give just 2 of these hours to learn a Life-Changing Skill?

  1. 2. A Program Designed to Save You MONEY.

                A comparable cost for the course at a local college

             could be as much as 7 times this cost.

3.  You Will Have The Best TEACHERS.

Good teachers are hard to find. We know where to find them.

  1. 4. What You LEARN,  Can Become

          Your Gift To Others.

If you want to help others, There are few better ways than this.

5.  You Will Have FUN.

Learning is not a DOWNER. It’s the most fun ever.

6.  Try This Out For Size.

To get you acquainted with us, we will send you one

of our most recent books. At no cost to you we will send you:


             BUT PROBABLY DIDN’’T.  It’s not an ebook. It’s a paper book.

To get this book and more information just email us

And tell us where you want the book sent.

Here’s our email address.

Send us your email address and land address for the book.

What’s In It For You?

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